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A few words about BetNimble

BetNimble was formed by two former industry experts with almost two decades of experience at the cutting edge of prominent trading desks.

Disenchanted with the way the bookmaking industry was gravitating towards greater automation and the lack of expertise required to carry out the role of ‘trader’, both members sensed an opportunity to profit from the inefficiencies now available across betting markets, with particular focus on UK football and snooker.

BetNimble utilises in-house modelling techniques that have been developed and tested over a sustained period to ensure accuracy of predictions.

We are aware that there is a lot of competition for your hard earned money and with that in mind we want to demonstrate that we are a service you can trust and profit from. All our results are posted in our RESULTS section and are free to view for everyone, whether they have signed up or not. Our 2018/19 season results (8.06% ROI) can be found HERE.

We want to ensure maximum transparency – we value this quality just as much as we do in ensuring we provide the best quality betting tips.

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A word on staking and bookmakers…
As noted on our homepage, our service isn’t for everyone. We suggest that those who wish to sign up either have a pre-determined betting bank and stake a percentage of this as outlined in the betting advice with supply with each tip, or take a look at the average stake approach outlined in our RESULTS page and ensure they are betting responsibly. If you are a ‘fun’ bettor that enjoys £5/£10 accumulators, then this service most definitely isn’t for you. We aim to provide trades for the discerning punter, interested in large stake singles that are being offered at too big a price by a bookmaker.

The inability to ‘get on’ is a common problem for many people these days, which is why we don’t want to tip up bets you can only stake pennies on. We will use the below list of bookmakers and exchanges when we recommend a bet. We know when the liquidity levels with the likes of MarathonBet increase closer to the start time; we are aware when it is viable to tip with these firms.

We also ensure that you will know exactly what to stake at what price, as every single tip is accompanied by a ‘Minimum Price Advice’ section. This feature details the percentage of your bank to stake on the suggested trade at what price. This means if the initial price has shortened you will still know what to stake, or if you can’t get on at the price advised you will again know what to stake with a bookmaker you are able to get on with.

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We have all the skills needed to help you stop gambling, and start investing in sports